2 thoughts on “Overlanding Route – Canada to Panama & Back”

  1. Hi to Brenna, Mitchell, Roo and Toby!
    You may remember us, a couple from Victoria, BC in a big 4 Wheel Camper on an F350, we met at the campsite in Guanajato. I haven’t checked your blog for a while so I’m pleased to see you guys made it back to Canada before the world went crazy. I follow quite a few travellers and being in lockdown outside your home country looks quite difficult. Anyway, hope everyone’s health is OK as we all look forward to being able to move freely again in 2022, I hope. Cheers!

    1. Hi! Great to hear from you guys. Hope all is well! We didn’t make it as far south as we planned but in hindsight we ended up with great timing as we were home well before all of the craziness! We met a few travellers on the road who are still in foreign countries and it does look challenging. We are glad to be in a house and not in our truck during these times. Hopefully we can have more overland adventures soon!

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