Making the Decision to Quit Full Time Work to Travel

We struggled with making this decision for awhile, in fact looking back now we made many choices prior to committing and would say to ourselves, “This will work well *if* we do actually decide to quit and travel.” One example of this is our choice in vehicle, it was a lot easier to commit to a truck (we already owned one and wanted to upgrade to 4×4 versus RWD) then an old campervan that screams #vanlife. If we decided not to go we would have a truck, no big deal right? We started with small steps, making the decision to put life as you know it on hold didn’t happen overnight. We were both happy, have amazing friends and family we love, and bonus, we even liked our jobs! We owned a house, had a dog and were for the most part settled, albeit on a never ending hunt for the next vacation. So why would we put all of that on hold and go out in search of something unknown with no guarantees? I am not sure we even know the answer “why” but here is how we approached this decision.

We had a goal, at some point in our lives we wanted to be able to travel with no set timeline and flexibility to go or stay simply because we wanted to. We would revisit this goal and think, perhaps when we retire or once we’re more established career wise we’ll take the leap. Ultimately, the more we thought about it the more we began to realize there is never perfect timing for anything in life. As I write this we are set to leave in nine days and our house drainage system just backed up. What a lovely extra expense that was! Once we came to terms with the fact that the ideal sign or time we were looking for probably didn’t exist our mindset changed and we began to think of how we could make something like extended travel work for us now. While bleak, there is no guarantee you’ll even make it to retirement and you never know what life is going to toss your way. So what started as a question of when is the right time, became a conversation about how can we make it happen now?

How will we afford this? How much money do we need to save? Will we work while traveling? What do we do with the house? How can we bring the dog? This is a small subset of the questions we needed to figure out the answer to. We only knew the answer to one, Roo (the dog) was coming so we picked our route accordingly and decided on a road trip!

Some would say we’re adventurous, others crazy… I think it depends on the day, but one thing we have come to realize is if we didn’t take this leap we would regret it. To borrow a quote from Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” We’re hoping that is true!

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  1. You three are sooo very inspiring! I am soooo excited to follow your adventure and maybe be start my own sooner than later!

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