Canada to the End of the World

This blog was started to document our journey from Calgary, Canada down to Ushuaia, Argentina! Spoiler alert: we made as far South as Panama and decided to drive back (more on this in a future blog post!), we hope to overland South America at some point in the not too distant future. We just returned (December 2019) after spending 15 months on the road living out of our trusty truck Toby, during this time we drove over 50,000 km’s!  When we first started researching this trip we knew nothing about the world of overlanding and very little about the Pan-American Highway. We relied on blogs from fellow travellers for much of the information we were seeking. CanOverland is where we document our learnings, share our adventures (or misadventures!) and perhaps provide a little inspiration for anyone else considering leaving the creature comforts of home for life on the road. We recommend it!

If you like travel, the outdoors, or dogs you should follow along! While our first long term overland adventure has wrapped up, keep an eye on our blog for new overland related content as we explore our Canadian backyard!